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is the expansion of the Research Project "The Agri-Food Technologies in the Parma area", launched by the Centre for Social Studies and Urban Culture "Città e Democrazia"A.P.S. (Social Promotion Association) in May 2009.


The Research Project "The Agri-Food Technologies in the Parma area" was edited by the councillor Mario Gelati, expert of the Branch, having been machine builder from the Sixties to the Nineties (owner of Comaco - Montecchio) and publisher from Nineties to 2004 (owner of IMT Ltd., Publishing House of the Directory of Packing and Packaging Machines and the Portal www.italianpackaging.com).




The members Angelo Scivoletto, Luciano Mazzoni, Giovanni Ballarini and Roberto Massini have collaborated in the drafting and development of the project.

Since its foundation, the Study Centre has published two editions of Volumes “The Food Technologies in Parma area” (2009 and 2010) and, as a result of the approval received, in 2013 it has opened the Portal www.parmafoodtechnology. com, replaced by Portal www.italiafoodtec.com in 2014.





The Business Name of the Association "Città e Democrazia" A.P.S. was changed in "Italia Food Tec" A.P.S. taking on the task of:

- continuing in the constant updating of the Portal extending the relationship to all the Italian Companies of the Branch, in the number of about 5.000;

- drawing up technological treaties related to the Branch;

- promoting the Portal in any form, by participating in main Fairs of the Branch, planning a campaign on Search Engines, through the activation of cross-links;

- strengthening relationships with Institutions and Public and Private Corporations, Business and Category Associations, Research Institutes, Universities, Schools and all realities suitable to the promotion and support of the Branch Companies (as in Link section). 



Costruttore di macchine ed Editore
Presidente Regionale Ordine Tecnologi Alimentari | Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Umbria
Vice - Presidente ANIPLA Sezione Milano
Direttore Responsabile Gola Gola! Food&People Festival
Ordinario di Food Packaging Technology e Fundamentals of Food Retail Logistics | UNIMI
Brand Manager CibusTec | Koeln Parma Exhibitions
Direttore Centro Interdipartimentale sulla Sicurezza Tecnologie Innovazione Agroalimentare | UNIPR
Funzionario Regione Piemonte | Ufficio Promozione e Valorizzazione dell'Agroalimentare
Ex Presidente CUCI – Centro universitario Cooperazione Internazionale
Esperto del Comparto e Sales Manager | LAUMAS ELETTRONICA SRL
Consulente Senior A.A.C. Consulting | Alta Formazione dirigenziale
Responsabile Comunicazione e eLearning | Cisita Parma
Fondatore e Amministratore CIGA IMPIANTI SRL - Esperto del Comparto
Vice Presidente di Museimpresa e coordinatore Musei del Cibo
Sociologo, giornalista, coordinatore del Master in Web Communication - UNIPR
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