Industry 4.0

On March 17, in the charming location fit out by CFT company, leader in the food industry plant design, it took place the event dedicated to the theme of competitiveness and digital transformation in the field of Industry 4.0.

The event "Designing the Future", in collaboration with Unione Parmense Industriali, was the opportunity to present the three-year agreement between Confindustria Piccola Industria and Intesa Sanpaolo for the sudden change of the market and the fast changes in the area of design and development of products that are more and more digitized and innovative today.

To seize the market challenge and face the competition, the agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo aims to accelerate the digital transformation of small, medium and large industries providing a national ceiling of 90 billion euro, of which 15 billion for the industries of the Parma area.

This opportunity once again highlights the opportunity for Italian companies to implement their potential. The Italian companies are considered to be a concentration of Intelligence, Human Capital and use of Technology all over the world.


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