Herrmann Ultraschall, a leading company in the field of ultrasonic sealing, is a German origin company whose beginning dates back to 1961. It was founded by Walter Herrmann. After the expansion of the commercial horizon with offices around the world, a new strategic office was opened in Italy in 2016, more precisely in Modena, where technical and commercial functions are combined to better meet the demands of companies.

The pioneer roots of the company have enabled the development of an advanced technology in the field of sealing: ultrasonic welding for plastics, for packaging and for woven non-woven materials. Ultrasonic welding is a technique based on an acoustic principle where vibrations are transformed into heat by friction, causing the fusion of materials and generating a molecular bond.

The opening of the Italian headquarters in 2016 marks for Herrmann Ultraschall its approach to Italia Food Tec. The reason of that is the mutual sharing of a business philosophy that puts innovation, technology, reliability first and embraces an open-minded policy aimed at exchange, openness and sharing oriented to the common growth.

In the food technologies scenario, Herrmann Ultrashall is an important partner for the companies of packing and packaging machines.

The special openness of Herrmann Ultrashall has created reciprocal exchange opportunities with the Italia Food Tec team, invited to attend the seminar dedicated to the ultrasonic welding principles for packaging applications.

The initiative gave Italia Food Tec the chance to lay the basis for the organization of an educational exchange between the company and the University of Parma about the theme "Ultrasonic sealing systems for packaging materials". The meeting was attended by students, teachers and an important automotive industry too.



The success of the day marks a first important step towards a working way oriented to exchange and sharing. The actors are the companies, schools and universities, public and private corporations, and all the protagonists of the world of food technologies: they know this sector in depth and can support each other.
Concepts like mutual respect, support and willingness to dialogue reinforce the understanding of the power of unity as a lifestyle that creates true opportunities for the real world. Herrmann Ultrashall was a great first example in this.

Photo: "Ultrasonic sealing systems for packaging materials" technical seminar created for SITEIA.PARMA, agrifood security system, innovation and technologies Interdepartmental Center of Parma University.


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