The Portal and the initiatives addressed to the companies of the agri-food technologies sector have been presented before associates, backings and sponsors. The aim is to realize a national conference, a training program for purchase and trade offices and the entry of the branch into International Cooperation.


PARMA, October 20th, 2017 – The power of unity: a realistic slogan launching a new phase for the companies of the Italian agri-food technologies branch.
During the second meeting of Italia Food Tec in 2017, which took place on October 20th in the classroom C of Cisita – UPI Parma, the targets for 2018 were presented to the the associates, backings and sponsors of the association.

"This innovative project will break out next year," Mario Gelati said, President of Italia Food Tec, "because with our work we have set solid foundations so that the branch potentiality be properly valorized. The portal Italia Food Tec aims to develop a specialized service for the Italian companies of the food technologies branch”.

The present companies of the branch are about 5000 on the national territory: they are characterized by a high degree of specialization, very advanced in technology. They compete with German companies the primacy in industrial machines on the world market. Companies which have become protagonist in a highly competitive sector for excellence and the genius of individual entrepreneurs who have been able to manage their own intuitions and bring their products to success with growth paths, even if individual.

"Now is the time to overcome the selfish barriers that divide the individual actors of the branch and face together the millennium challenges. The agri-food technologies sector needs an integrated promotion plan and the portal Italia Food Tec is a decisive step in this direction," President Gelati explained. To undertake such pathway, Italia Food Tec provides associates with a team of young and determined professionals. They created the portal and attend to corporate services design. Italia Food Tec team expects to increase presence up to 700 units by 2018, creating a community capable of sharing the same mission and goals






"Of course," President Gelati went on , "we want that Italia Food Tec gave opportunities for other private and public corporations and professional bodies. The whole world around the industry must be properly represented”.

Italia Food Tec intends to launch the following projects for 2018: the First Conference about the Italian Branch of agri-food technologies, a project in collaboration with the University of Parma; a complete program of training courses for the trade offices of the branch and the purchasing offices of the agri-food companies, to be realized in collaboration with Cisita; the compilation of a systematic glossary for agri-food products, in collaboration with the Register of Food Technologists; the realization of the portal of the agricultural, zootechnic and fish technologies branch; the entry of agricultural and agri-food technology into the programs of International Cooperation.

"The University is one of the sponsors of Italia Food Tec," - Professor Alessandro Pirondi said, Director of the Interdepartmental Center for Technological Research and Agri-Food Innovation at the University of Parma. Nowadays the portal is a vehicle of information for the whole sector, but we hope it can become in the near future a wider contact system among the various areas of the branch. The University views the portal as a framework within which the various stakeholders of this system can be involved. These stakeholders have an interest in being together because they can benefit from the presence of qualified subjects who can provide sectoral macroeconomic scenarios. In particular, trends, scientific and technological research. All results to be made available to the national community”.

Gianluca Rocchi, UPI deputy director, explains the reasons why Industrialists Parma Union supported Italia Food Tec project: "The Industrialists Parma Union has been the supporter of the initiative from the start, giving support for the organization. Our aim is clear: to highlight the companies of the agri-food sector. First of all, the Parmesan ones”. The meeting was also attended by Giuseppe Paltani, Food Technologists National Council, Fabio Bettio, CibusTec Exibition Project Manager, Carlo Marchisio, Anipla Milano President, Roberto Catelli, Cft Group and Serena Pironi, Register of Food Technologists Secretary.








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