the power of unity the power of unity
The conclusion of a research project as a support to the solution of problems also worldwide




The Italian Food Technology Branch and its supply chain, although it is an essential source of wealth in the Italian economic system, is not really known and discussed as it happens for the food sector. This is why a new reality is born: since 2009 ITALIA FOOD TEC A.P.S. has started the research project now in the portal.


The mission is to enhance and promote the 5000 companies of the Branch, as well as collaborate in the launching of support projects, also worldwide, by the institutions and associations.
The peculiarity of the Portal is that of giving the Italian companies of the Branch the proper value in a new form. It creates the identikit of each company and their products, classified according to specialized technical criteria, known thanks to the experience at UNI (Italian standardization body).

How to achieve the objectives of the Mission?
The APS team

APS is not the legal form for Association of Social Promotion but it is also the acronym of Associates, Backings and Sponsors.
Associates: natural persons forming a team of professionals in the sector and collateral sectors who work alongside the operative team, giving their experience and expertise both individually and within the internal working groups.
Backings: institutions, both institutional and non, who have expressed their willingness to support the ITALIA FOOD TEC team in the realization of its noblest objectives.
Sponsors: companies in the Branch that have been promoters and supporters since the launch of the project. Current sponsors: CFT S.p.A., John Bean Technologies S.p.A. (JBT), MASELLI MISURE S.p.A., Sermedia S.r.l., NAVATTA GROUP S.r.l. and Eng. A. Rossi Impianti Industriali S.r.l.

Involvement of reality link

ITALIA FOOD TEC APS has always invested resources and energy in the popularization of issues such as networking, involving several actors that work for the development of the agri-food technologies.
The Link section of the Portal has just this intention: to clarify and give space to the realities that can have an incisive role for the Branch, so increasing the value of the services, be they promotional, strategic, supporting in a specific area, training etc

Unified training and terminology has so toughly taken care of the product terminology, so it has become a reference point for companies, universities and specialized schools, exhibition catalogues, etc.
The theme of training also plays a fundamental role in the commercial, executive and managerial fields. The constant dialogue with the companies of the Branch shows the increasingly imminent need to find specialized personnel, both in the technical and commercial field and in managerial positions. Future projects include the organization of educational courses to fill a gap that companies constantly complain about.


The excellent relationship with Italian fairs fosters a close collaboration in a vision of mutual exchange that enhances some services: first, to make always available "who does what" through the Portal, and second the possibility to meet personally. If networking is the main objective for the association, among the promotional activities there is the will to entertain constant good relations with the surrounding realities.

A new philosophy of the company

In the stout belief that "the power of unity" is the key not only for the success of its own reality but also the great strength that emphasizes an Italian identity that is recognizable as a supporter of the know-how of the Agri-food Technologies Branch, ITALIA FOOD TEC aims to transmit these ideals preserving the thoughts and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat its initial President Prof. Angelo Scivoletto, founder of the Institute of Sociology of the University of Parma and follower of La Pira, had placed as solid base of the association.

In dedicating a life with passion to a sector that I have experienced with strength and weaknesses, today we can choose to make available the experience and professionalism accumulated over the years through the help of young and equally passionate professionals, finally making possible the realization of a DREAM: that of seeing a tool created, the portal, through which to address, even at international level, issues of great importance, such as that of poverty in some countries where even today you touch with a hand structural crisis due to the inability to be autonomous in terms of proper economic management and strategic investments.


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