Segment 3S.01
Machinery and equipment to produce paper, card and cardboard

Segment families 3S.01

Current 81 famiglie
Family 3F.0015

Sheet laminating machines for paper and corrugated cardboard

Family 3F.0040

Laminating machines for adhesives with and without solvent and accessories

Family 3F.0045

Automatic feeders for corrugated paperboard transformation lines

Family 3F.0065


Family 3F.0070

Foil removers

Family 3F.0080

Umidity measuring sets

Family 3F.0085

Turning paper piles and paper products sets

Family 3F.0090

Strap stretching I tensioning units for coil materials

Family 3F.0095

Tensioning units for coil materials

Family 3F.0110

Flexible packaging transformation equipments and plants

Family 3F.0120

Wrapping I coiling machines

Family 3F.0125

Winding machines - re-winding machines for reels (REWINDER)

Family 3F.0135

Paper and cardboard scales

Family 3F.0150

Embossing calenders

Family 3F.0155

Filming calenders

Family 3F.0165

Gauges for measuring the thicknesses

Family 3F.0175

Paper and cardboard sorting machines

Family 3F.0190

Shears for paper and cardboard

Family 3F.0195

Diecutters cylinders and countercylinders

Family 3F.0210

Electronic controls for fold-paste

Family 3F.0240

Cellulose driers

Family 3F.0280

Automatic banding machines

Family 3F.0330

Corrugated cardboard production lines drying ovens

Family 3F.0335

IR rays drying in line ovens

Family 3F.0340

UV rays drying in line ovens

Family 3F.0345

Blank cutting machines

Family 3F.0350

Blank cutting machines by sinker

Family 3F.0355

Blank cutting machines by telescopic pressure

Family 3F.0360

Automatic blank cutting machines by vertical pressure

Family 3F.0365

Blank cutting-drilling machines

Family 3F.0370

Blank cutting machines for corrugated cardboard

Family 3F.0375

Blank cutting machines for folding cardboard

Family 3F.0385

Rotary blank-cutting machines

Family 3F.0390

Rotary blank cutting machines for corrugated cardboard

Family 3F.0395

Embossing machines

Family 3F.0400

Dry and wet embossing machines

Family 3F.0405

Automatic packaging machines

Family 3F.0410

Fan heater systems for paper-mills – ventilation- suction- depuration- powder disposal

Family 3F.0415

Automatic systems for corrugated cardboard transformation lines

Family 3F.0495

Systems and equipment for paper-mills

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