Segment 3S.01
Machinery and equipment to produce paper, card and cardboard

Segment families 3S.01

Current 81 famiglie
Family 3F.0500

Corrugated cardboard manufacturing systems

Family 3F.0510

Straw-paper, fluting, packing paper, kraft paper production systems

Family 3F.0535

Paper humidification systems

Family 3F.0540

Paper stackers

Family 3F.0550

Glueing machines for laminated and coated sheets

Family 3F.0570

Lines for corrugated cardboard production

Family 3F.0660

Sheet counter machines for paper and cardboard

Family 3F.0665

Continuos machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.0970

Machinery and systems for cardboard production

Family 3F.0975

Machinery and systems for paper and cardboard containers production

Family 3F.1050

Machinery and systems for paper making doughs production

Family 3F.1115

Flexographic and converting machinery for corrugated cardboard

Family 3F.1125

Packaging machines for paper reams

Family 3F.1130

Glueing machines for paperboard folding boxes and cases

Family 3F.1135

Glueing machines for paperboard stiff boxes

Family 3F.1145

Mixing machines for paste-paper

Family 3F.1195

Machines for paper surface treatments. Systems for patina preparation

Family 3F.1200

Packing machines for webs and rolls

Family 3F.1225

Machinery and systems for stretched cardboard production

Family 3F.1230

Machinery and systems for paper production

Family 3F.1245

Machines to put patina and produce coloured papers

Family 3F.1350

Machines to cut and wrap paper and cardboard

Family 3F.1360

Machines to cut and rewind

Family 3F.1370

Machines to cut paper and cardboard sheets

Family 3F.1380

Machines to cut rolls from coil

Family 3F.1395

Machines to shred paper

Family 3F.1400

Machines to shred cardboard

Family 3F.1440

Refining machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1445

Rewinding machines

Family 3F.1520

Online thickness gauges

Family 3F.1540

Air cushion corrugating

Family 3F.1545

Normal undulators

Family 3F.1585

Dehydrating presses for paper -mill

Family 3F.1640

Screw propellers for paper-mill vats

Family 3F.1650

Large cone refiners for paper-mill

Family 3F.1655

Fibre recuperators for paper-mill

Family 3F.1755

Debarking machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1800

Pulping machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1860

Transverse cutting machines for paper-mill

Family 3F.1870

Cutting machines-rewinders

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