Segment 3S.04
Machinery and equipment to produce films (PVC, heat shrink, extensible, etc.) and multi-layer laminated material

Segment families 3S.04

Current 46 famiglie
Family 3F.0010

Sheet laminating machines

Family 3F.0020

Dry coil laminating machines

Family 3F.0025

Coil laminating machines with solvents

Family 3F.0030

Coil laminating machines without solvents

Family 3F.0040

Laminating machines for adhesives with and without solvent and accessories

Family 3F.0075

Plastic films analyzing sets

Family 3F.0090

Strap stretching I tensioning units for coil materials

Family 3F.0095

Tensioning units for coil materials

Family 3F.0115

Static charges removal equipments

Family 3F.0120

Wrapping I coiling machines

Family 3F.0125

Winding machines - re-winding machines for reels (REWINDER)

Family 3F.0127

Wrapping machines with automatic and double cut for extrusion plants of thin films

Family 3F.0165

Gauges for measuring the thicknesses

Family 3F.0200

Extruders for plastic films

Family 3F.0245

Extruders with blowing

of plastic bottles and flacons with capacity up to 1 L

Family 3F.0250

Double screw extruders

Family 3F.0255

Single-screw extruders

Family 3F.0265

Plastic film extruders

Family 3F.0435

Extrusion systems for laminating and coating

Family 3F.0440

Extrusion systems for plastic films

Family 3F.0445

Extrusion systems for blown film

Family 3F.0450

Laminating machines

Family 3F.0485

Film processing systems by polarized flame

Family 3F.0490

Film processing systems of with plasma arc

Family 3F.0525

Static electricity elimination systems

Family 3F.0530

Crown treatment systems

Family 3F.0585

Extrusion lines for laminating and coating

Family 3F.0590

Extrusion lines for blown film

Family 3F.0595

Extrusion lines for film-foils-plates

Family 3F.0600

Extrusion lines for mono and multifilaments

Family 3F.0610

Stretching lines for film, filaments etc.

Family 3F.0625

Multistation injection machines

Family 3F.0630

Injection machines for general use

Family 3F.0995

Machinery and systems for plastic material film production

Family 3F.1200

Packing machines for webs and rolls

Family 3F.1255

Machines to rewind plastic films

Family 3F.1355

Machines to cut and wrap flexible films

Family 3F.1360

Machines to cut and rewind

Family 3F.1365

Machines to cut sheets from coil

Family 3F.1380

Machines to cut rolls from coil

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