Segment 3S.07
Machinery and equipment to produce steel containers

Segment families 3S.07

Current 16 famiglie
Family 3F.0061

Feeders of sheet metal strips to presses

Family 3F.0140

Flanging machines for tin-aluminium plate cans

Family 3F.0180

Circular shears for tinplate

Family 3F.0185

Double shears for tinplate

Family 3F.0215

Creasing machines for tinplate can bodies

Family 3F.0233

Tinplate bottoms dispensers to seamers

Family 3F.0545

Frustum-of-cone boxes and drums stackers

Family 3F.0895

Machinery and systems for three-pieces tinplate cans and boxes production

Family 3F.1000

Machinery and systems for cylindric metallic drums production

Family 3F.1005

Machinery and systems for frustum-of-cone metallic drums production

Family 3F.1035

Machinery and systems for metal packaging production

Family 3F.1340

Machines to print, blank cut and cut foil metals

Family 3F.1375

Machines to cut plastic metal, sheets, etc

Family 3F.1491

Machines used for the manufacture of metal packaging (feeders,lids downloaders, flanging machines, crimping, creasing, compound liner, curlers, presses, molding machines, shears, ovens etc)

Family 3F.1505

Automatic feeders

Family 3F.1865

Transverse cutting machines for sheet metals

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