Segment 3S.13
Machinery and equipment to produce paper, card and cardboard containers

Segment families 3S.13

Current 55 famiglie
Family 3F.0285

Envelope window patching- glueing machines

Family 3F.0290

Folding cardboard cases and boxes window patching

Family 3F.0295

Cardboard hoods forming machines for palletized loads from flat blank sheet

Family 3F.0300

Cardboard cases forming machines for fruit and vegetables from punched sheet

Family 3F.0305

Cardboard cases, trays forming machines from punched sheet

Family 3F.0310

Cardboard boxes forming machines (plateaux) for fruit and vegetables from the punched sheet

Family 3F.0315

Paperboard boxes, trays, baskets forming machines from the punched sheet

Family 3F.0320

Cardboard carrying angles visual box forming machines from punched sheet

Family 3F.0503

Cardboard crates and boxes forming machines from stretched cut sheet

Family 3F.0515

Corrugated cardboard transformation systems

Family 3F.0555

Glueing machines for flaps and edges

Family 3F.0565

Parcel binders

Family 3F.0645

Flanging-folding machines

Family 3F.0650

Multiworkstation combined machines for multiple operations on box body

Family 3F.0655

Cut-trace-crease combined machines for cardboards

Family 3F.0670

Creasing and punching machines

Family 3F.0675

Sewing machines for corrugated cardboard boxes

Family 3F.0680

Sewing machines for folding boxes

Family 3F.0905

Machinery and systems for paper handle pouches and bags production

Family 3F.1010

Machinery and systems for corrugated cardboard packaging production

Family 3F.1015

Machinery and systems for stretched cardboard packaging production

Family 3F.1055

Machinery and systems for cardboard dishes and trays and production and combined

Family 3F.1075

Machinery and systems for paper sacks and bags production

Family 3F.1085

Machinery and systems for corrugated cardboard boxes production

Family 3F.1160

Machines to apply handles and drawstrings on pouches and bags

Family 3F.1180

Machines for sewing corrugated cardboard cases bottoms

Family 3F.1205

Machines to paste and cover boxes

Family 3F.1215

Machines to paste windows on cardboard

Family 3F.1385

Machines to cut cardboard tubes

Family 3F.1390

Machines for corrugated cardboard crosswise and lengthwise cutting

Family 3F.1415

Fold-paste machines for cases

Family 3F.1420

Fold-paste machines for cases with automatic bottom

Family 3F.1425

Fold-paste machines for corrugated cardboard cartons

Family 3F.1450

Wrapping machines for boxes

Family 3F.1500

Knurling machines

Family 3F.1535

Angled taping machines for corrugated cardborad boxes

Family 3F.1570

Perforating, punching and creasing machines

Family 3F.1575

Cold and warm surfaces for undulators

Family 3F.1580

Presses by heat for producing confectionary trays, pic-nic dishes and other paperboard contenitors from blank-cut sheet or web

Family 3F.1590

Embossing presses for sheets and webs

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