Segment 3S.43
Machinery and equipment to print on steel and aluminium sheet

Segment families 3S.43

Current 10 famiglie
Family 3F.0770

Offset printing presses for lithography

Family 3F.0790

Printing presses on sheet metals

Family 3F.0840

Serigraphic printing presses

Family 3F.0865

Machinery and equipment for screen printing

Family 3F.1290

Machines to print on aluminium

Family 3F.1315

Machines to print on metal sheet

Family 3F.1410

Machines to paint and metallize

Family 3F.1495

Painting machines for tinplate and chrome strip

Family 3F.1945

Coil varnishing machines

Family 3F.1950

Sheet varnishing machines

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