Segment 3S.47
Machinery and equipment to print on plastic film and combined

Segment families 3S.47

Current 36 famiglie
Family 3F.0005

Offset printing presses accessories

Family 3F.0055

Ink feeders for offset printing presses

Family 3F.0060

Fountain solution feeders for offset printing presses

Family 3F.0160

Gauges and comparators for cylinders

Family 3F.0205


Family 3F.0230

Printing varnish viscosity control device (clear lacquer)

Family 3F.0235

Container dispensers to be combined with the silkscreen, offset and by hot printing machinery

Family 3F.0430

Continuous systems for high vacuum metallization

Family 3F.0455

Rotogravure autotypical engraving systems

Family 3F.0460

Rotogravure electrolytic engraving systems

Family 3F.0465

Rotogravure cylinder washing systems

Family 3F.0470

Mixing systems

Family 3F.0480

Coating systems

Family 3F.0620

Offset printing machine with on line painting sheet

Family 3F.0635

Automatic machines for tape printing by heat and automatic holographies impression

Family 3F.0695

Rotogravure printing presses

Family 3F.0700

Digital printing presses by coil

Family 3F.0705

Flexographic printing presses and converting on packaging materials by central cylinder

Family 3F.0710

Flexographic printing presses and converting on packaging materials by on line elements

Family 3F.0725

Flexographic printing presses for plastic films

Family 3F.0765

Web digital offset printing presses

Family 3F.1235

Machines for screens cleaning for serigraphic printing presses

Family 3F.1240

Machines for metallize paper and plastic

Family 3F.1310

Machines to print on film

Family 3F.1410

Machines to paint and metallize

Family 3F.1455

Extrusion coating machines

Family 3F.1460

Coating machines by air blade

Family 3F.1465

Coating machines by squeegee

Family 3F.1470

Roller coating machines

Family 3F.1480

Flexography proof presses

Family 3F.1485

Rotogravure proof presses

Family 3F.1645


Family 3F.1675

Rotogravure rotary presses for print and packaging materials converting

Family 3F.1810

Stroboscopes for print controls

Family 3F.1815

Automatic processors for photopolymers

Family 3F.1945

Coil varnishing machines

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